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Wed., July 3, 2013

Going too far

Recent Supreme Court decisions will force taxpayers to pay benefits for married partners of homosexual federal employees and allow a prejudiced trial court judge’s ruling to throw out Prop. 8, adopted by over 7 million voters to protect natural marriage in California.

Even if you like these outcomes, as freedom-loving Americans, we should be concerned about the trend to bring the full weight of government fines and legal traps against anyone who cannot morally celebrate these decisions.

Arlene Stutzman was happy to serve customers of any sexual preference in her Richland, Wash., flower shop. Conscientiously objecting, she declined a same-sex wedding order from a longtime client.

She is suddenly facing an expensive lawsuit and fines from our state attorney general, Bob Ferguson.

Must a professional do whatever a customer, protected by special rights, wants them to do – whether it’s to design a website or bouquet or make a cake? Even if that request is offensive to them?

Surely, our first freedoms of religion, speech and expression are more precious than the whims of a small minority who want to silence any opposition.

Contact Bob Ferguson at (360) 753-6200 and ask him to drop the lawsuit and free Arlene’s Flowers.

Penny Lancaster


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