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No offense intended

I recently read that a Washington school voted to drop their designation as “Redskins.” Pity. Names such as Redskins, Indians, Braves, Warriors, Chiefs, were chosen to honor a people, sometimes for local historical purposes or for their fighting spirit, bravery and fortitude. All qualities valued on the field of competitive sports.

Certainly no one is lining up for The Wimps, The Fraidy Cats or The Quitters. The problem is with those who chose to be offended when no offense is intended. We have many problems in our country deserving of our attention. But such misplaced sensitivities, such as this, is best politely ignored.

Political correctness is irrational and never satisfied and gains strength whenever someone surrenders to it. So a warning to schools who chose designations such as Trojans, Cowboys, or Fighting Irish: You could be next.

Donald Condon



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