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The Slice: Sometimes lip-smacking can’t express how you feel

Un-Tom Cruise-like.
Un-Tom Cruise-like.

What percentage of Inland Northwesterners growl when eating corn on the cob?

Let’s move on.

Feedback: A few readers were so angry about Monday’s question (cigarette smoke wafting your way from adjacent yards) that spittle almost shot out of my phone.

Slice answers: Valerie Adams said the West begins at the Rocky Mountains and ends at the Pacific Ocean. “Don’t even get me started about Ohio and Indiana being in the Mid-west. If you are in the Eastern time zone you can’t be ‘west’ anything.”

Paul Halttunen said it begins at the eastern borders of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico and ends at the Pacific Ocean. “Hawaii is in the Tropics and Alaska is the Frontier.”

Gary W. Smith said the West begins in St. Louis. “Specifically, at the Gateway Arch park.”

Actors you don’t usually like: Jerry Hargitt is not a fan of Tom Cruise but thought he was good in “Jack Reacher.”

Jerry Sciarrio isn’t impressed with Kevin Costner but thinks he did a fine job in “Silverado.”

Warm-up question: The city of Spokane included a tip sheet on water conservation with the latest monthly bill. One suggestion: “Consider replacing lawn with native plantings.”

That’s not really an unreasonable idea. But this is Spokane. How many residents saw that and assumed it was part of a vast Communist conspiracy designed to undermine their way of life?

Today’s Slice question: People talking about the ingredients in hot dogs… A) Tend to base their observations on outdated information. B) Are just trying to scare you. C) Usually fail to note that different brands have different production standards. D) Don’t know the half of it. E) Underestimate the nutritional value of snouts. F) Other.

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