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Corruption the culprit

Mona Charen is a dedicated ideologue. I am a dedicated ideologue on the other end of the political spectrum. Her conciliatory July 2 piece lauds the United States as a bastion of democracy. She bashes other countries, attributing their economic failure to “socialist” policies.

Given some investigation, she might find that corruption and passing the buck have more to do with Europe’s economic collapse than ideology does. Failure to live up to funding promises and political chicanery over decades has led to this crisis in Europe. Charen cries wolf when she fails to see the writing on the wall.

Sound familiar? It is all coming to light now in the U.S. Corruption is bleeding us dry. Our elected representatives are all tainted by the system in Washington, D.C., as soon as they learn how it works. They have voted themselves morally and ethically questionable practices that work against, if not prey upon, U.S. citizens. Doctors lobbying for wasteful procedures,

All politicians are seeking your money, too. They’ll give you the quick fix and then bail to their taxpayer-funded retirements. It has nothing to do with party politics. It has to do with personal corruption, which has seemingly become legal.

Mike Kiernan

Spokane Valley


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