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Fri., July 5, 2013, midnight

Davis is no hero

I always marvel at what the mainstream media hails as courage. In this case what Wendy Davis did was fully in line with the zeitgeist and her compatriots across this land. True courage would have been if she stood up and said something to the effect that it is about time we stood for the infant girls and boys and ended this murderous butchery of abortion. Wouldn’t get the “V” for victory sign or hosannas from the liberal media, but the butchered babies would surely cheer.

To juxtapose this hate-filled filibuster with the lawful execution of a murderer executed by the state of Texas is sophistry. The murderer was on death row for 16 years before justice was finally rendered. Family and friends of victim Dorothy Booth waited 16 years – enduring two trials and countless appeals – for the measure of closure that came June 27, when the woman who brutally beat and fatally stabbed their loved one was executed for her crime.

Far as I can tell no preborn infants did anything to warrant their hideous destruction.

Jim Paget


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