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Nation’s birthday ignored

Does anyone remember what we’re supposed to be celebrating on Independence Day? The Fourth of July Spokesman-Review front page had a big article about the Battle of Gettysburg, which had nothing to do with the signing of our Declaration of Independence.

Is there some reason why we ignore such an important event on the special day set aside to remember it? Or is it just plain ignorance? How many “Americans” have read, or even know, what that important document is about? It was the birth of our United States of America. How important can it be?

Garry Rhodes


To any environmentalists who think President Barack Obama has indicated he will reject the Keystone Pipeline, let me tell you what he is really doing. He implied that he will make a decision by or in 2014. His real intention is to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement in October of this year.

The TPP will give multinational corporations the power to dictate to this country what they can do, i.e. build the Keystone Pipeline, and not the president, nor Congress, nor state government, nor the vote of the people can stop them under this agreement. Obama is playing us for suckers.

Don’t believe me? Look up the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP will create an international tribunal of corporate lawyers that will be given powers to overrule American law and impose sanctions on the United States (make the taxpayer pay them money) for violating the new “rights” of corporations. This literally means that international corporations will control the U.S. in every conceivable way.

The Constitution will be overruled by the TPP. This is treason, and for Obama to even negotiate this is an impeachable offense.

David Randall



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State lawmakers want to create a legislative loophole in Washington’s Public Records Act. While it’s nice to see Democrats and Republicans working together for once, it’s just too bad that their agreement is that the public is the enemy. As The Spokesman-Review’s Olympia reporter Jim Camden explained Feb. 22, lawmakers could vote on a bill today responding to a court order that the people of Washington are entitled to review legislative records.