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Sun., July 7, 2013

Choose circus alternatives

The circus is coming to town. Fun? Excitement? Not for the animals. Wild animals used in circuses for your child’s entertainment live a lifetime of misery. Baby elephants are taken from mothers prematurely to break their spirit and the mother/child bond, making them susceptible to so-called training. Training that is done with food deprivation, bull hooks, electric shock sticks, ropes and chains.

Don’t let them fool you with the glitz, lights and sounds of the happy circus atmosphere. These wild animals live their entire life on a chain. That is, when they are allowed out of a cage that they call home for life, in order to perform. Human acts have a choice whether to perform; animals do not.

Take your children to an animal shelter. Have your child volunteer to walk or give the homeless animals love they so desperately need, and by doing so teach your child a valuable life lesson of compassion and love for animals, not pain.

Tia Rosetti-Mills

Newman Lake

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