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Sun., July 7, 2013

Do you feel protected?

If the release of National Security Agency surveillance methods has caused the terrorists to change their communication methods, why are we still funding NSA programs made moot by the release? The only agenda left is to spy on Americans and collect information that could be used against us.

If you have nothing to hide, please invite me to come over to your home and rifle through your papers and correspondence. Put me on your email list and link me to your cellphone. Put cameras in your home and car and let me see what you are doing in real time. Of course, you can trust that I wouldn’t share any data with your church, employer, customers, friends or creditors.

This isn’t a case where you voluntarily share your data to join or use systems. Here, the government is collecting the data without your consent. It’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Constitution doesn’t allow us to give up our rights or for our representatives to take them with false assurances and secret courts. The Patriot Act allows the government to search your home in secret. Do you feel protected or violated?

Pete Scobby


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