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Tue., July 9, 2013, midnight

Letter was hateful

In response to “Most dangerous presidency (July 2).”

John Hader’s use of the phrase “late term abortion” was the first of many offensive remarks in the recent opinion piece. I’m sure he didn’t think twice about his remark because he will never have to make such a personal, difficult decision, but his statement again shows the overall theme of his letter: a complete and utter lack of empathy for just about anyone, mixed with a lot of privilege.

You see, the biggest hit against President Barack Obama and his administration is that, as he claims, it has made us a country of “ignorant, take-care-of-me” people.

Again, be careful, his privilege is showing. It is so easy for someone to make such a claim when they have never been in dire need of some help. Not everyone is born into supportive, financially stable families or circumstances. And instead of supporting a president who has chosen to fight for opportunity for everyone (not just the privileged) in the “land of the free,” we vilify him.

What is more upsetting than Hader’s piece is The Spokesman-Review posting such a disrespectful, hateful, ignorant letter.

Katie Curran


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