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The Slice: Yes, we’re really asking for it

I’ll ask. You answer.

What’s the record for remembering something that happened in a Little League game? I’ll start the bidding with 48 years.

In your household, what is it called when spices or extra toppings are added to a frozen food item, a can of soup or whatever? I once believed everyone called it “doctoring,” but have come to realize that might not be the case.

Ever wished you could trade one body of knowledge for another? You know, maybe swap your command of 1960s sitcoms trivia for a little knowledge about plants and trees. Or trade your memory of long-ago baseball players for an ability to discuss architecture.

Slice answers: “My outlay for golf balls?” wrote John Mraz. “Zip.”

He can explain.

“Where I hit them, I always find way more than I lose. Every round, net plus golf balls. (I’m sure that my game would improve if I played more than one round every two years.)”

Gary Hutson said he hasn’t bought any new balls in 20 years. “It’s not that I’m a good golfer,” he said.

But he always manages to find some that others have lost. And a friend who lives on a golf course occasionally passes along balls found on his property.

Today’s summertime fact: Not everyone named Gerald enjoys being called “Mungo Jerry.”

True North: Quite a few readers answered the question regarding their favorite thing about Canada by naming Canadians who are now part of their extended families.

Warm-up question: In your personal history of being bitten, stung or mauled by insects, what bug’s attack felt most like a nail-gun accident?

Today’s Slice question: Someone watching you examine fruit and vegetables at an outdoor produce stand might conclude that … A) You expect the melon or ear of corn to speak. B) You are holding a tomato but thinking about something else. C) You enjoy frowning. D) You know what you’re doing. E) You have never seen strawberries before. F) Other.

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