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Wed., July 10, 2013, midnight

Childish coal defense

Usually a man of reason and clear argument, Charles Krauthammer (July 6) has tossed the tools of his debater’s trade and turned to the third-grader in us all to defend his position. His logic in denigrating the Obama administration’s policy on coal mining and exports is to point to the rest of the world and whine “but they’re doing it!”

God forbid we miss out on the short-term economic benefit to be gained by pumping up carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s not innovate our way out of this scenario, but instead go along with the crowd as they merrily march off the cliff. It apparently does not matter to his mind that cutting back on coal may be the right thing to do. Or at least it doesn’t matter enough. Because it puts us at a short-term economic disadvantage – according to one existing economic model – the right thing is just too costly.

What of integrity? Oh, sorry, I forgot. It’s expensive.

Scott Cooper


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