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Kudos to Knezovich

Criticizing Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich because he deals with disciplinary issues in a timely manner, and advocates for being allowed to actually fire officers that dishonor their badges, is probably the result of being raised by mothers that disciplined by saying, “If you do that one more time, I’m going to ground you!” This after poor mom had made the same statement over and over and over again.

On a number of instances, I’ve felt inclined to contact our sheriff about suspicious activities in our neighborhood. Every time, he’s promptly replied to me, and taken action to resolve crime-related issues. This includes weekends and late nights. For that matter, considering the schedule he keeps, he’s probably Spokane’s hardest-working elected official.

From my perspective, the good folks living in and around greater Spokane should all be sending thank you notes to our sheriff for a job well done and for his willingness to clean house and can problem officers. As opposed to our court system, here’s a case where the system is both just and swift.

Let’s be honest, in the end, you (the whiners and complainers) were never so much as grounded, were you?

Peter Ice



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