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Pearl Jam recently announced its first Spokane Arena appearance will occur Nov. 30 as part of the Seattle band’s 2013 North American tour. We asked readers for their favorite Pearl Jam songs. Despite some consternation about ticket prices ($69.50), they responded enthusiastically. Here’s a sampling:


Yellow Ledbetter (make me fries)


Better Man, live, with the crowd singing, gives me chills!

Sara Alderman

Alive. Daughter. Better man. Ugh. Too many to count!

Lisa Olmer Wilson

Just one?! We can’t possibly pick just one!! Yellow Ledbetter, Glorified G, Given to Fly, Black… I’ll just stop there.

Sara Alderman

Yellow Ledbetter! Yes!

Timbre Wolf

The ticket prices I saw are insane though.

Scot Wilcox

Rockin’ in the Free World

Kevin Dudley

I’d like to hear every song they’ve ever recorded and covered. The concert is on a Saturday night. It’s not like I have to be anywhere the next day. An eight-hour concert sounds about right (but if I had to choose one song, it’d be “Alive”).

Ron Guardipee

Reign in Blood

Jakob Zetwick

Crazy Mary, Rearview Mirror, Black…..though their ticket prices are a bit high.

Misty O’Brien

Yellow Ledbetter!

Dreabee Mightymouse Wilhelm

Spin the Black Circle!

Lynn Childs Rindal


Michelle Dolby Clermont



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