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Circus cares for animals

The July 7 letter to the editor, “Choose circus alternatives,” has blatantly false information that demands correction. At Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, we take the utmost pride in our animal care and training methods. Training is done through repetition and reward and with the used of approved elephant husbandry tools.

Where we do agree is teaching children about compassion and love for animals. Because we believe in this so strongly, we’re doing our part to help save the endangered Asian elephant with our Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation in Central Florida. The facility is home to the majority of our elephants, the largest herd in the Western Hemisphere. Only one-third of our elephants, those who show the personality and temperament for circus display, travel. The rest spend their days at our center in Florida, where they are part of our research, reproduction and retirement program, providing scientists from around the world access to learn much about this endangered species.

Ringling Bros. offers families a way to experience these animals in a way they can nowhere else. We hope that Spokane families will come see for themselves that our animals are thriving in our care.

Ashley Smith

Vienna, Va.


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