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Sun., July 14, 2013

Counting on Knezovich

Thank you, Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich!

With a lifetime of work experience as both an employee and a boss, had I or an employee failed in a work environment, firing was in order.

We, the public, hold those who enforce the laws to a higher level. Apparently, some in law enforcement do not feel those laws apply to them.

A man who slashed a seat and wrote nine tickets because he didn’t like someone’s comment. An officer who made a mentally ill man do jumping jacks in the jail in the nude – and no one even tried to stop him? What? What? And they still think they should be able to keep their jobs in law enforcement?

Integrity First has received a contribution from the Spokane County Deputy Sheriffs Association? What? What?

Earl Howerton, the head of Integrity First, was investigated by Internal Affairs and received a written reprimand? What? What?

Knezovich, I am depending on you. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Hartley


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