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Mon., July 15, 2013, midnight

Poor spending decisions

Signe Wilkinson hit the nail on the head July 10 regarding where our government officials have spent our tax dollars. The government gang wants us to believe America’s security is their priority, thus the expensive wars (that made lots of money for Halliburton and others with clout), the silly border wall, the crazy airport X-ray machines, etc. But, ultimately, where is the security in having a broken infrastructure and educational system here at home?

At about six months into the Iraq War, after seeing how much we had spent up to that point in time, I wrote a letter to the editor. I calculated how many schools we could have built and fixed, how many pot holes we could have filled, how many libraries we could have kept open if our dollars had been more wisely spent.

Like all letters to the editor, it made no impact. I take no comfort in having bragging rights.

Jan Sarchio

Coeur d’Alene

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