July 16, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Praise for educators


Regarding comments (July 5) pertaining to Jane Johnson and Jeff Overholser, I wish to re-emphasize that the public had these two educators working overtime during their careers as the highest advocates of the community college system. I was fortunate to work side by side for a period of years and a multitude of times, they stood out as leaders in defense of the students they served.

In particular, Overholser was the defender of the students, leader of all programs and advocate for the success of those programs. Multiple times, I watched his capabilities in action, defending transferability of credits to other state institutions. He also kept costs for books, parking and staffing at optimal levels.

Overholser always practiced with the utmost integrity and he is deserving of many thank-yous from the Spokane area public.

Robert LaLonde

Liberty Lake

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