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Wed., July 17, 2013

Ramirez a dromedary dunce

It would seem that famed political cartoonist Michael Ramirez is as backwards astride his literary camel as his figurative camel (July 15). Ramirez would have us believe that President Obama would ride a Bactrian (two-hump) camel in Egypt (North Africa), when every schoolchild knows that only dromedary (one hump) camels live there. Bactrian camels live in central and southwest Asia, not Egypt.

And, while you may see this as an overlooked trifle, it’s the kind of detail too frequently left out of Ramirez’s objectivity and thoroughness, and borders on the unenlightened. Don’t get me wrong, I often get a chuckle out of his cartoonish opinions, but let’s get the facts facing the correct direction – whether they be political or natural history.

Howard Braham


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