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Democrats should lighten up

Liberals become entirely humorless, it seems, when it comes to political cartoons that don’t mesh with their ideology.

Their unshakable belief seems to be that the use of satire, caricature or humor is allowed only when it vilifies Republicans, or their values and beliefs. This was abundantly clear in Rosie Johnson’s July 13 letter, and that of one or two others in recent weeks who poutingly or angrily demanded the removal of Michael Ramirez cartoons for disrespecting the president. Hello! Ever heard of the First Amendment right to free speech?

Somehow, I suspect that we will not find a complaint on file from you about cartoonists lampooning George Bush, Ronald Reagan or any Republican.

Cartoonists are not required to be fair or show some class. In fact, they’d be out of business.

Kudos to The Spokesman-Review for maintaining a roster of political cartoonists that includes Ramirez. He’s tops.

Anita Perry


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