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Put Pace on Valley council

Because of the election of the Positive Change group a few years ago, Spokane Valley is one of the few cities in Washington to have both a rainy day fund and a balanced budget. We have a golden opportunity to continue the responsible leadership this group has shown by electing Ed Pace and Rod Higgins City Council members.

The city has $25 million in reserves. While commendable, it shouldn’t be untouchable. Our roads in the Valley need to be maintained, and that costs money. Higgins and Pace understand the need for equilibrium of reasonable reserve while using some of it to save future road maintenance costs.

Thanks to a solid group of city councilmen, we have a city that attracts businesses. But we also want to be a great city to live in, and that means not relying on a 1 percent yearly property tax increase to do what we already have money for. There is a balance and it can be found. I’m confident that the addition of Ed Pace to City Council with his strong business background will help find that balance. So, I ask you to join me in supporting Ed Pace for Council Position No. 4.

Steven Neill

Spokane Valley


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