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The Slice: Grandpa, friends will be grinning from ear to ear

Vaughn Blethen’s beloved husband of 43 years, Bud, experienced hearing loss after decades of working at noisy job sites.

So the TV tended to be turned up loud and a fair number of things said to him had to be repeated.

This frayed Vaughn’s nerves a bit. But eventually Bud got hearing aids, which work well.

“The downside to this is now I can’t hear the TV because it is turned down so low and when friends visit Bud thinks they are too loud,” Vaughn wrote.

What to do?

The couple’s young granddaughter, Karena, proposed a solution. She said, “If all your friends would just get hearing aids, Grandpa wouldn’t be so grumpy.”

If that happens, let’s hope the kid gets a commission.

Slice answers: Apparently lots of people get seasick on lakes. But it turns out you don’t even need to be out on a boat.

“I got seasick walking over CDA’s floating dock while visiting a show of old wooden motorboats a couple of years ago,” wrote Nancy Parker.

Rhonda Morley was sitting on a bluff about 25 feet above Lake Roosevelt and looking out at the water when she realized she didn’t feel so good. She had to crawl away from the edge. “As soon as I focused on something still for a few minutes, the nausea began to subside.”

If John Mraz had his own Saturn V rocket: “I would cordially invite ALL Spokane skunks to the joy ride of their lives.”

Re: adding bonus ingredients to packaged meals: “My friend Cindy Nelson and I both describe it as ‘bedazzling’ and when lots of items have been added we have ‘bedazzled the crap out of it,’” wrote Ann Carey.

Today’s Slice question: When you are about to head out of town on a vacation, do you alert neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your place? A) Sure. Of course. B) No. I have never spoken to my neighbors. C) No. I would not trust my neighbors with that information. D) My nearest neighbor is a mile away. E) Yes. And my yard gets more attention while we’re away than when we’re here. F) Other.

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