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Spokane’s Mobius science center is showing the “Back to the Future” time-traveling trilogy this weekend at the Bing Crosby Theater. We asked readers on social media what moment from the past they’d most like to travel back in time to see. Here’s a sampling of the answers:

Kerrie Chase

Lewis and Clark expedition

Cindy McMahon

Chicago World’s Fair

Nina Rudd

I would like to have walked the streets of small cities and big cities throughout the USA on VJ (end of WWII) Day. I think it must’ve been a great day of hope and joy.

Brie Edwards

The flight of the Kitty Hawk by the Wright Brothers.

Stanley Peterson

To the time before people, before our delinquent minds led to the ruin of this beautiful planet. What serenity would it be to be sitting by the unpolluted ocean, taking in the clean air and suddenly get chewed alive by some amazing creature. Sounds divine.

Janessa Lawson

I’d like to be with Alice Paul and Lucy Burns at the moment they found out that the Nineteenth Amendment had been ratified.

Wax Eight-ZeroEight

I would want to see the most epic dinosaur battle that ever occurred.

Betsy Wilhelms

I would want to be riding on the tour bus with Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. *swoon*

Michala M Martin

I think I’d like to be around during the women’s rights fight!

Randy Towne

The Landing on the Moon!

Brian Brake

When Jesus fed the masses

Dusty Miller

When Jesus walks on water!

Lori Rukes

When Lincoln fought for freedom for all.

Scott Kusel

My own birth.


Mozart’s performance of his Violin Sonata K. 454 w/ Regina Strinasacchi! 29 April, 1784!


The building of the pyramids so we could learn for sure how they did it.

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