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Sat., July 20, 2013, midnight

Bible a poor natural history text

In Tony Brooks’ July 13 letter regarding natural history, which he believes to be at least 1 million years old (by his use of 0.000001 as a measure of time over which gay marriage has been recognized), he advocates the truth of certain fundamental definitions without stating the amount of time these definitions have been in use.

If we use the history of Christianity, then its fundamental definitions would span only 0.0021 of natural history. Does that small measure justify the validity of those definitions?

If we use the span of time covered in the Bible, it is only 0.003 of natural history.

Using Brooks’ criteria, definitions of the Earth and the sun would have the Earth flat and the sun in orbit around the Earth. Those who presented opposing theories were ridiculed and persecuted by the religious authorities of the time. Unfortunately for Brooks, not all the truths of our natural world are known, and religious leaders are not qualified authorities when it comes to science and discovering new knowledge, particularly as it regards the nature of human beings.

Emmett Arndt


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