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Johnson victim of infighting

Invariably, we become sad whenever a board of any kind has a falling out. Seemingly all too often in such instances, the artistic director becomes the fall guy, or gal as in the case of Yvonne Johnson at Spokane Civic Theater. Her stellar record is ignored or set aside by those who disagree for whatever the stated or undisclosed reason/s for personal agendas, or for securing the power position rather than negotiating differences in a mature manner.

Knowing what we do, Yvonne deserves support and reinstatement, probably with a public apology rather than disparagement, which is questionable considering the authority she was given to make decisions that accompany what is best overall for the theater company as well as the community at large. No one can please everyone, especially all the time and, even had her decision been one with which we disagreed, that would not ever be a condition for termination.

Jim and Joan Becker



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