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Sat., July 20, 2013

Obamacare a distraction

Is Eastern Washington fully prepared to reap the benefits of the newly recovering economy? Do our rural areas require complete, affordable postal services, so that businesses can compete globally and people living there do not feel like second-class citizens? Would this be an opportune time to upgrade our well-used infrastructure so that goods can be produced economically and transported more efficiently? Have we made exploration and expansion into new markets a top priority? Will our children be allowed to fulfill their great promise or be forced into bankruptcy due to the burden of ever-increasing student loans?

The congressional representatives of Eastern Washington are uniquely positioned to obtain solutions to these crucial issues. They should not be wasting so much time worrying about Obamacare. People have become more comfortable with the idea of paying for health insurance after realizing that companies can no longer cancel their policies if they become ill.

During times of limited government resources, we need congressional representatives who are willing to work beyond singular issues. We can no longer afford to keep representatives who act like our future is not their concern.

Kathleen Calhoun Eide


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