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Sat., July 20, 2013

Ramirez lost in the desert

The July 15 cartoon by Michael Ramirez depicting President Obama riding a camel labeled “Egypt” derides the foreign policy of “Leading from behind,” and highlights the tragically frustrating nature of conservative ire toward our nation’s chief executive.

As I understand it, and please someone correct me if I am wrong, conservative Middle East policy breaks down into one of three camps: Leave those people alone and let them sort out their own issues; turn the whole region into a glass bowl with nuclear weapons; or keep interfering in affairs to maximize our own interests.

Most conservatives can be sensible people and will often choose option No. 1. Another way to label option No. 1 would be, “Leading from behind.” Ramirez illustrates that conservatives want to lampoon Obama when he does what they want, and when he does elsewise.

If being reasonable is a political sin, pray tell, what would Ramirez and his political ilk prefer?

Chris Caldwell

Chewelah, Wash.

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