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Sat., July 20, 2013

Stand firm on Redskins

In some organizations’ opinions (and Leonard Pitts’), the use of the word “Redskins” is in “his” words as bad as using the N-word.

I applaud National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell on his firm standing that the name Redskins stands for strength, courage, pride and respect. I must say then, are all the other sports teams which use various names and logos that identify with other nationalities racist? Examples include the Patriots, Fighting Irish and Vikings.

I do hope Goodell stands his ground. As for Pitts and the majority of a lot of his opinions, it would seem he is really unhappy. Maybe he should be living in Iran, Turkey, Yemen or China. See how long he would last writing his drivel.

One other thing: When you see a veteran, be sure and thank him for our freedom of speech. We surely are living in the land of the free because of the brave.

Brian McInerney


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