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Hux: Militia’s misses get hands-on experience

Sun., July 21, 2013, midnight

North Idaho’s fringe, right-wing groups captured another 15 minutes of fame, courtesy of the New York media.

On Thursday, the New York Daily News featured a photo essay of the Light Foot Militia, snapped by Reuters photographer Matt Mills McKnight. The article showed North Idaho and Spokane militia members drilling and bonding at their third annual retreat near Priest River – some 73 in all, at peak time.

A mother brought her 12-year-old daughter and another girl to the testosterone-fest. Sasha Goldstein of the Daily News reports that the girls shot “large weapons.” And that militia members got “extensive training to expect the unexpected: rifle and pistol shooting, first aid, mines and close quarter combat.”

Close quarter combat? Now there’s something that’ll come in handy at those Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving.

Baring buns

Clothing is optional at the 29th annual Bare Buns Fun Run at Kaniksu Ranch Family Nudist Park, 45 miles north of Spokane, Sunday, July 28. But the only way you get a coveted “Nude Finisher” T-shirt is to jog and bounce au natural. Or you can pick one up at a garage sale two years from now … Scruds Gourmet Grub in downtown Coeur d’Alene is offering a “Zombie Apocalypse” burger this weekend that’s as tall as a 16-ounce Monster drink. The one-pounder is stuffed with Zombie meat (a blend of five meats) and eight cheeses, topped with pepper jack and bacon. Best part? No human brains will be used in the making of this burger mountain … Coeur d’Alene teacher Bruce Twitchell saw a silver lining in that hubbub caused by Rolling Stone’s rock-star cover photo of Boston Marathon bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: “I am excited that I finally know who the person on the cover of Rolling Stone is.”


North Idaho organizers Mike Towan and Don Nolan of Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment have hit a snag in their plan to place anti-Obama protesters at every overpass between Post Falls and Wallace Aug. 6, according to Joe Newby of the Examiner: State and local gummints require $1 million worth of insurance. WWFFD (What would the Founding Fathers Do?) … Dan English and his sibs discovered a 1920s-era booklet among their late parents’ belongings that described Coeur d’Alene as “beautiful and progressive.” Written by George F. Weeks, the publication said Roaring-’20s Coeur d’Alene was a city of homes, education, ideas, industry, activity, energy, cooperation, Americans – a city “with a soul.” We’ll see how many of those adjectives still apply if local CAVErs (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) overrun City Hall this fall …Wal-Mart might not be your idea of a romantic venue to propose marriage. But the guy who chalked “Will you marry me?” in a parking spot outside the Hayden Wal-Mart on Thursday got the answer he wanted. In blue chalk below his white chalk used to pop the question, the answer came: “She said, ‘Yes’!!!” Shouldn’t be hard to guess where they’ll register … Another Quotable Quote: “Does anyone else find themselves thinking, ‘Great, now George Zimmerman will move to Sandpoint’?” – Publisher Trish Gannon of the River Journal, of Hope, Idaho.

Parting shot

A hobo named Oklahoma Slim, who once bedded down between the railroad tracks and the Spokane River, south of what is now the Highway 95 bridge, could tell hobos, tramps and bums apart. A placard along the North Idaho Centennial Trail shows Slim’s photo and provides the explanation: “A hobo is a migratory worker; a tramp is a migratory nonworker; a bum is a nonmigratory nonworker.” Which means your angst-filled teen playing video games on the couch probably isn’t a hobo or a tramp.

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