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Sun., July 21, 2013

Photo bigger concern than verdict

The July 14 photograph of Hanna Brianna, 5 years old, holding a sign in front of her home in the Goldsboro Historical Neighborhood, Sanford, Fla., should raise a more serious concern than the outcome of the (George Zimmerman) trial. What kind of parent would radicalize a 5-year-old to carry such a sign? The lyrics from “South Pacific” hit me right in the gut. “You have to be carefully taught to hate, before you are 6 or 7 or 8. You have to be carefully taught.”

In my opinion, parents who drag young children out in a parade or display them for their political purpose or agenda should be locked up and fined.

What a contrast to the Helping Hands article/photo. Two parents attempting to find their way forward, to better their lives and that of their child.

Pictures sometimes are worth a thousand words.

Robert Costigan

Spirit Lake, Idaho

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