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Sun., July 21, 2013, midnight

Put Ahern on city council

This November, I hope everyone will join me in electing John Ahern to the Spokane City Council. As a former legislator in Olympia, Ahern brings with him years of experience in the political arena. Ahern has proven time and time again that he will work across party or ideological lines to do what is best for the people and do get the job done.

Ahern was instrumental in strengthening the state’s DUI laws. He has proven that he can work with our representatives in Washington, D.C. Ahern worked with the federal government to ensure a veterans cemetery was built in Eastern Washington. He was also instrumental in having a veterans nursing home built in Spokane.

As a fiscal conservative, Ahern will ensure that our taxes are spent wisely and not foolishly. He will ensure that property taxes are fair and that property owners are not cash havens for every project that comes along.

Ahern will stand up to the folks in Olympia and Washington, D.C., and anyone else to ensure that he does right by the people. Elect John Ahern to the City Council.

William Hall


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