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That’s News to You answers

Sun., July 21, 2013, midnight

Here are the answers to this week’s newspaper quiz:

1. A. Tyson Gay, American sprinting champion, tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs recently. In response to the accusations, he replied: “I don’t have a sabotage story. I don’t have any lies. I don’t have anything to say to make this seem like it was a mistake or it was on USADA’s hands, someone playing games. I don’t have any of those stories. I basically put my trust in someone, and I was let down.”

2. D. Upon announcing his retirement, Post Falls Mayor Clay Larkin said: “When I retire in January, I will have held a city office for 18 years. I feel good about stepping down and letting someone else lead our city.”

3. D. Last week, Detroit became the biggest U.S. city ever to file for bankruptcy.

4. B. After hearing “multiple complaints from constituents,” the Spokane city councilman thinks espresso stands that feature scantily clad baristas should be subject to additional regulations. Fagan said, “I’m OK with bikinis. I’m OK with lingerie, but when it comes to pasties and G-strings, in regards to safety, what’s going on is a little overboard.”

5. C. Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone and central Idaho in 1995. Prior to that, there had not been wolves roaming Yellowstone National Park since 1926.

On the Web: Now that you’ve had the chance to warm up your news sense, try to win a prize in our online version of That’s News to You by going to Top entries go into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, and all entries this week go into a drawing for movie tickets. To give our newspaper readers a leg up in the competition, some of the questions in today’s newspaper quiz also appear in the online quiz.

Last week’s winners are Leroy Hunt, of Spokane Valley, who won the Davenport gift card, and LeeAnn Reed, of Spokane, who won movie tickets.

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