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Wolf reintroduction misguided

The fish and game people, along with government wildlife managers, will not tell you the truth about the wolf because they are told what to say. The government will not give you the costs of reintroduction and management. When the wolf was considered extinct in 1943, everyone was happy. There were no taxpayer costs for managing the wolf and no problems until the reintroduction program was started.

I don’t know why government people and media people are so hell-bent on promoting the wolf and making the citizens of the United States pay for their folly. Is it just to make National Geographic, the Sierra Club, scientists and others happy at the taxpayers’ expense?

A female wolf will have at least six or more offspring; an elk, moose or deer usually one, maybe two, and it is the offspring the wolves take; easy killing. They hunt in packs singling out their prey, usually leaving only one adult to defend the young.

Photographers and their guides take delight in watching this slaughter. Why do people defend a money drain like the wolf program? You tell me how many millions of dollars have been spent on the wolf since the re-introduction inception.

Lloyd Zimmerman



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