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Tue., July 23, 2013, midnight

Wildlife areas destroyed

“Thank you” Spokane County commissioners for revising county codes to allow mining operations in an Urban Reserve/Rural Conservation areas. This action has turned a pristine wildlife area into a virtual mining district and has destroyed a natural wildlife habitat.

Landowner Fred Brown states it is for pasture land, but the truth is he is mining 250,000 tons of sand, which equals over 30,000 truckloads of sand, for his profit along with associates from Premix and Storhaug Engineering Inc.

They have shown no concern for their neighbors or wildlife habitat in this area. Spokane County and the Washington departments of Ecology, Natural Resources and Fish and Wildlife have not stood up to big money and corporations. They do not have the interest of the common citizen in their plans and could care less because there is no mine in their front yard.

Dan Burton


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