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Wed., July 24, 2013, midnight

Nab thieves, not baristas

Oh, please. Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan thinks a list of anatomical no-nos for baristas is a priority?

Really, a law for scantily clad baristas! Why not a law prohibiting scantily clad sunbathers, water skiers, and plumbers showing “anal cleft.” Be sure to include the folks running in the sprinkler when it is 92 degrees.

If Fagan doesn’t want to see skin, he, like anyone, can simply not stop at these shops. Who is going to enforce such a law? Would it be our police force, now reduced due to the council’s budget cuts? The same police who can’t get Spokane off the top five cities for most stolen cars? The same police who have put property crimes into a “sorry, can’t get to it” category, again due to council budget cuts?

The barista constituents that Fagan claims have complained are a bit like the neighbor complaining about the gal next door sunbathing nude who told police they would have to climb a ladder up into the tree top to get a look over the high fence.

How about a new law requiring council members to tend to important issues that really do affect public safety, like crime and fire!

Nick Hudson

Nine Mile Falls

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