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Missing dog found dead near Sprague Lake

Peetie (Sarah Cressey courtesy)
Peetie (Sarah Cressey courtesy)

The body of Peetie, a black and white beagle-terrier mix missing since Friday after a rollover accident on Interstate 90 near Sprague Lake, was found by wheat farmers in the area, his owners said Thursday.

Sarah Cressey, 21, was driving to Seattle from Spokane last week after returning from a honeymoon trip to Hawaii with her husband, Trevor Cressey. At around 2:30 p.m., one of her tires blew and the car rolled four times. Peetie was sitting in the front seat at the time of the accident.

Sarah Cressey escaped with just a dislocated shoulder, but Peetie was likely thrown from the vehicle and sprinted away. He’d been spotted by a mail carrier Saturday morning, but remained unaccounted for after that.

The Cresseys received a call from Gina Habbestad, a pet rescuer in the area who’d volunteered her time to find Peetie, this morning. Farmers in the area harvesting wheat found the body of a dog yesterday, and Sarah Cressey identified Peetie from photos.

Peetie had extensive injuries to his back legs, likely from the accident, Cressey said. He looked as though he laid down at some point and died.

Cressey thanked all those in Sprague Lake who scoured the land for Peetie.

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