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The Slice: They say it’ll be a reunion to die for

Thu., July 25, 2013

A guy incorrectly listed as “deceased” on a 50-year Rogers High reunion notice considered dressing as a zombie and then showing up and saying, “I wouldn’t have missed this reunion for anything!”

Interests of yours that your children emphatically rejected: “Picking huckleberries,” wrote Kristi Beck.

Kay Krom emailed this: “My children have utterly rejected my cherished interest of keeping far too many used and clean cottage cheese containers. Ditto the little twist-tie things from bread wrappers. Do I have defective offspring?”

Now now, Kay. Remember, they begged you to get some therapy.

If you could have a wish come true: “It would be to not go to bed alone every night, to have someone living under the same roof to share difficult decision-making with,” wrote Sheila Barnes, of Sandpoint. “I’ve been widowed since 2000, and I never dreamed how heavy the day-to-day stuff would weigh on me – even though I thought I made so many decisions on my own. It didn’t occur to me how important it’d become to run things past my husband before acting, even if we disagreed and I didn’t heed his advice. Or how much I would come to miss the quiet companionship of someone to share a meal with and watch TV in the evenings.”

After getting hearing aids: “I was beyond glad – I was thankful for being given the gift of hearing again,” wrote Tamie Evers.

“Yes, I was delighted when I got my hearing aids,” said Sanford Gerber. “So were all my acquaintances.”

Bill Kaufman offered this. “After many dollars, lots of returns for ‘fine tuning,’ and talking to others who need them I found out most of us think they just magnify the background noises better than the person you are trying to listen to.”

Bob Isitt accidentally dropped his new hearing aids and promptly ran over them with the car.

Relative humidity: Fran Gorton taught school on Samoa in the 1970s. “The high humidity seemed unbearable until I realized that I needed to slow down.”

Today’s Slice question: Did you buy that “if you hold a seashell to your ear” thing?

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