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Hungry for real leader

Your “Letter to the Editor” section in the July 18 edition headlined a letter “Children need McMorris Rodgers.”

Children need Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers like they need a hole in the head!

Rodgers and her Republican sidekicks eliminated the Food Stamp program from the Farm Bill to appease the Republicans who had defeated it originally.

Rodgers gets a big fat salary and great benefits thanks to taxpayers, so she doesn’t have to worry about where her kids’ next meal is coming from. People in poverty aren’t that lucky. But she’s got hers, so why worry? Why worry if a kid goes to bed hungry?

From Tom Foley to Cathy McMorris Rodgers – what a comedown. The voters wanted change, so they voted out a problem-solving, consensus-building workhorse like Foley for rubber-stampers.

Go figure.

Sally Jackson


Process of elimination

I am a registered voter in Stevens County, part of the 7th Legislative District. I am a Democrat, and I vote. Because there is not a candidate from the Democratic Party running for state senator in the district, I decided to research the three candidates who are currently running for the position of Washington State senator and will ultimately represent my district.

This position has the responsibility to keep our state fiscally sound; therefore I feel the candidate I vote for needs to be honest and fiscally responsible. My findings are as follows:

Neither Mike Brunson nor Brian Dansel has ever been sued by the Washington Department of Revenue, the Department of Labor and Industries, Employment Security or had a judgment against them.

Neither Brian Dansel nor Mike Brunson has ever been delinquent in their real estate property taxes, let alone delinquent for three years. They also have never walked out on a failed business and left employees to wonder what happened.

And finally, neither Mike Brunson nor Brian Dansel has never been connected to the white supremacists. My vote will go to someone who is fiscally responsible and honest in their own life.

Lela Taylor


Starved for support

I believe that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, mother that she is and having her third child while in office, should be charged with child neglect and abuse for our Washington state children.

These children will be going hungry because of her great support of the passed Farm Bill, which stripped 23 million children of food stamps.

Will her children go hungry? I think not!

Will she help feed our children? I think not!

Does she care? Her vote to strip 23 million children of food stamps is a behavior that sends the message that she does not care for the Washington state children.

Let us keep voting her into office. The Republicans seem to really love her. The question is do the poor and hungry love her? The answer is, I think not!

Jerry Chaney

Spokane Valley


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