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Sat., July 27, 2013, midnight

Obama a bust

A few years ago, Barack Obama supporters were touting their candidate in copious ways. According to them, he was so smart, so witty, such a good choice to lead this country. His wife even said, upon his election, that she was finally proud of our country. I remember some supporters of Obama going so far as to say he was an awful lot like Abraham Lincoln. At the time, I thought, “Obama, resembles Lincoln? That’s totally preposterous!” So ridiculous I found that notion, in fact, I scoffed the utterance away entirely.

I now reconsider. I have come to the conclusion that Obama is, indeed, like Lincoln in one ponderous way. He has the country divided asunder as no U.S. president, including Richard Nixon, has managed since the Civil War. Furthermore, he seems bent and determined to do so. Like Lincoln? In one way, yes, but that doesn’t mean I think a place should be reserved for Barack Obama on Mount Rushmore.

Becky McPherson

Valley, Wash.

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