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We tried Shriners

My name is Brooke Davis, and I am the mother of Jameson Davis. Kaitlin Gillespie wrote an article about our story on July 14. I came across a comment made by Carole Folsom of Cheney in the July 21 (newspaper) about Kaitlin’s article and wanted to let you know that her opinion is incorrect.

We did not overlook Spokane Shriners Hospital. In fact, that was the very first place we sought help and any information for Jameson’s prosthesis. Our consultation was with Dr. Paul Casky. He informed my husband, Jim, and I that they could not treat Jameson due to the fact that they lack a prosthetics department.

We have had many people suggest Shriners here in Spokane, and we appreciate it, but the fact of the matter is that they do not have the “state-of-the-art procedure” that would benefit our son.

My husband and I wish for the correct information to be told and let it be known that we have been to Shriners and they just do not have the facility to help us here.

Brooke Davis



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