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Tue., July 30, 2013

Snyder dispels despair

Weighing yourself on the scale of hope and despair per our gridlocked political systems, how are you doing? If you are weary of inertia, throwing money into debating right or wrong stances versus perceiving the best answers often lie somewhere in between, Jon Snyder is your candidate.

Yikes, the guy wants to understand your opinions and how you got there. He’s an “open system” ready to amend his opinion if offered relevant information. Tune into Monday evening Spokane City Council meetings.

Out of the spotlight, Jon logs in countless hours as board chairman of five-county Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington, a mega-agency overseeing the maze of senior services. He takes this on because he has cared about seniors for many years. In his early career as an entrepreneur, Jon helped launch Spokane’s Directory for Seniors (now entitled InnovAging/Lawton Printing.) Today, as an insider in city government, Jon generates public focus for issues like home delivery of senior meals and making Spokane more “walkable” for elders.

If your hope-despair measure veers toward “Why put myself out? Nothing changes,” a vote for Jon Snyder can tip the scale toward optimism and possibility. Think about it.

Gail Goeller


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