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Wed., July 31, 2013, midnight

Look up ‘integrity’

Integrity First, a political committee, is challenging Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich’s actions regarding dismissal of deputies, according to an article in the July 12 Spokesman-Review. How can a committee with a name like “Integrity First” challenge the proven wrongdoings of dismissed employees when this same committee is focused on “… rooting out wrongdoings” (Dave Reagan’s words).

One of the meanings of the word “integrity” in the dictionary describes it as “moral soundness, honesty, uprightness.” None of these deputies described in the article appears to fit this category. With a mindset like this, Knezovich will have a Herculean job to change the rules governing the appeal process. Why should public-sector jobs be so different from private-sector performance requirements? Providing jobs on a permanent basis without the prospect of being dismissed protects lazy and inefficient workers while destroying the motivation of our top performers. How many will truly excel under these conditions?

It is my hope Knezovich will run for re-election. I still have his campaign yard sign in my garage. Just let me know when to put it up. Good luck!

Eleanor Simon


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