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The Slice: Face it: There’s no turning back

It’s Monday already?

Good grief.

Let’s move on.

Re: Last Monday’s Slice: “I too have had remorse over the years over the numbers of fireflies killed in fun as a kid,” wrote Wayne Sanders, who grew up in a Chicago suburb. “We used to run around with the plastic wiffle ball bats swatting them. It was a good night when the end of the bat was glowing when you were done. I remember my dad on occasion telling us to stop and save some for another day.

“Living out here since 1979, I have tried to explain them to my kids over the years and truly miss them as a part of summer.

“Went back to visit my brother a few years ago and was really excited about the prospect of seeing them again and pointing them out to my now-adult children. We only saw a few of them. Don’t know if they are a dying breed, the area is more developed now or what, but it was disappointing.

“Makes me wish I had been easier on them years ago.”

You have been here awhile if…: A) Most of the movies you have seen in Spokane were at theaters that no longer exist. B) Most of your local dining-out experiences took place at establishments that closed in the previous century. C) Most of the apparel you have purchased for yourself came from Spokane area stores that have not been around since an African-American man was mayor of Spokane. D) All of the above. E) Other.

Worst coffee: Mary Gosline still remembers how epically bad the coffee was when she and her husband drove up the Alcan highway to Anchorage, Alaska, in the early 1970s. “The further north we went, the worse the coffee got.”

Tack on your own bawdy double- entendre: “When telling others my name, I always said, ‘Mae, like Mae West,’ ” wrote Mae Greenwood.

Warm-up question: What’s something that you have never done even though many around here regard it as a universal Inland Northwest experience?

Today’s Slice question: What advice would you give to someone thinking about organizing a big family reunion?

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