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Tue., June 4, 2013

Fight for whole Constitution

In response to your May 16 article stating there is “outside” money coming in to support Initiative 522, The People’s Right to Know Genetically Modified Food Act: Any reasonable person should know there will be much more money coming from outside the state opposing I-522; corporate Monsanto money. This, however, is not a letter meant to state why it is important to label GMO food. That information is readily available to any intelligent person willing to research.

At present, the U.S. Senate is considering attaching a rider to the 2013 Farm Bill, the King Amendment, that would pre-empt or prohibit states from requiring labels on genetically modified foods. This is now a constitutional issue.

The 10th Amendment specifically guarantees the states the right to pass laws. This is clearly an attempt to take away the right of citizens to vote on what they consider important to the welfare of their community. Our elected officials will, by their vote on this, make it clear who has prostituted themselves to corporate money.

If corporations can push this through Congress, there is no reason to vote anymore. There is no democracy. Are Constitution defenders only willing to defend the Second Amendment?

David Randall


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