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Tue., June 4, 2013

Not-so-smart ideas

Shawn Vestal’s column of May 24 had me in stitches as he was describing Councilperson Amber Waldref’s educational credentials. He makes it sound like we should be impressed by Waldref graduating magna cum laude from an Ivy League college. One would think that makes her smart.

Her first piece of legislation after being elected was to ban third-party junk mail in the city limits, thereby killing postal worker union jobs. Then she voted for raising Spokane city utility rates 13 percent and 16 percent in 2011. Presently, she has endorsed and is supporting the Logan neighborhood’s efforts to constrict Hamilton Street down to two lanes of travel with one turn lane between Nora and Desmet avenues.

Killing jobs, drastically raising utility rates and causing severe traffic problems on Hamilton Street are pretty smart, I guess.

Looks like Doug Clark has to worry about his job now that Shawn Vestal has broken into comedy, and is really funny.

Carol Black


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