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China, Mexico forge stronger ties

Wed., June 5, 2013

MEXICO CITY – The presidents of China and Mexico agreed Tuesday to broaden relations between their countries and expand trade ties, including opening the Chinese market to imports of Mexican tequila and pork.

After meeting privately, China’s Xi Jinping and Mexico’s Enrique Pena Nieto said they are transforming the relationship into a “strategic partnership” and taking steps to move toward balancing their trade, which now is heavily in favor of China.

The leaders signed a dozen memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements in areas including energy, mining, education and infrastructure.

Mexico and China established diplomatic relations in 1972, but relations cooled during the administration on Pena Nieto’s predecessor, Felipe Calderon, after he received the Dalai Lama. China’s Foreign Ministry called that meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader interference in China’s internal affairs.

In the joint statement Tuesday, Mexico said it recognizes the principle of “one China,” and considers Tibet and Taiwan to be “an inalienable part of Chinese territory.”

The statement said Mexico will be able to sell its pork and tequila to China. Xi said China will sign contracts to buy more than $1 billion worth of Mexican products, but did not provide any details.


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