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Thu., June 6, 2013

Gerlach is a hero

I am sick of hearing that Brendon Kaluza-Graham is some poor victim for not only stealing the vehicle but all the plumbers tools and livelihood from Gail Gerlach recently. It is called “karma.” When the local gendarmes do little or nothing about property crimes, it is up to property owners to defend our property.

Gerlach is a hero. He can live in my neighborhood any day, and he can go out and fight the crime the cops cannot seem to find the time to do (they have plenty of time to get in their own trouble).

I hope no jury finds Gerlach of anything but defending his property, family and business tools.

Kaluza-Graham was a career car thief who brought the whole thing on himself. By the accounts of his family, you would think he was a saint. Don’t do the crime if you aren’t willing to pay the price, even the ultimate price.

I am sad for the Gerlach family for having to deal with this. The community needs to stand behind them.

Jennifer Wise


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