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The Slice: Must’ve come on the heels of the first Starbucks

Fri., June 7, 2013

Valerie Mullen’s second-grade class at Trinity Catholic School was reading about women of the past who were inventors.

“One of the inventions mentioned was a school desk,” wrote Mullen. “There was a picture of the desk with a circular hole on the surface which was an inkwell.”

She asked her pupils if anyone knew the purpose of the hole.

A little girl named Katie did.

“It’s a cup holder,” she explained.

Biblical naming conventions: “We named our son Sam,” wrote Linda Rise. “Several years later our church friends had a son and named him Sam. Now the congregation refers to them as First and Second Samuel.”

A guy named Ray Duclos gets credit for the idea.

Slice answers: “For about a month last summer the thought of a possible hole-in-one did cross my mind when I teed off on a par 3 because in August I had two holes-in-one within two weeks,” wrote Janet Skaife. “Unfortunately that feeling is gone and my thoughts are back to normal – just let me get on the green!”

Keith Hegg said he plans on a hole-in-one as he approaches a par 3. “Not only do I think about it, I usually announce it to my regular golf partners, I’m sure to their annoyance. I say, ‘I guess this is the hole that I get a hole-in-one.’ Somehow announcing it makes it seem more likely or clairvoyant. It has not worked … yet.”

Warm-up questions: What local family holds the record for putting a bike-carrying rack on their vehicle and then taking it off again the greatest number of times in one year? Ever heard someone, intending to say “baggage,” refer to his or her rocky past as “luggage”? Ever use the Web to look up 1-800 phone numbers that showed up on your caller I.D.? Ever ask for help finding something at a store and then watched as the clerk race-walked to the location of said item, virtually leaving you in the dust? Do stuffed animals live in fear of toddlers with jelly hands?

Today’s Slice question: Who around here gets told “Stay out of trouble” the most times in a typical week?

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