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Sun., June 9, 2013

Be wary of finance scams

Don’t think the car dealers can’t scam you. Think again. There is no law that stops a car dealer from “packing” the financing on a car loan. You get sweet talked into all kinds of fees that you don’t need. You end up with thousands tacked onto your loan.

I know it is buyer beware but this scam is devastating to older people. I believe they love to have senior women fall into this trap. Once you sign the papers, you are stuck with it with no recourse. Why is there no longer a law to give you time to figure out what they have just done to you? Shameful.

Please make sure you never ever fall into the biggest local dealer scam there is, and if you do please send a complaint to the attorney general’s office and district Senate office. I did, and I intend to push as far on this as I can.

The current law on this is a trap for seniors and single women. What the heck happened to protecting the consumer? Be very careful.

Carol Martin


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