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No joy stealing car

I have a difficult time with the Gail Gerlach shooting of Brendon Kaluza-Graham. Here is a hard-working family man with no prior criminal history, and a young man just starting life with multiple convictions. This will play out in the courts and the outcome is months away.

The term “joy riding” used in The Spokesman-Review concerning Kaluza-Graham is ridiculous. There is no joy ride in reference to stealing another one’s car. I had my vehicle stolen three years ago from my driveway, in the same area. The Spokane Police Department officer said, when he showed up to take my statement: “We don’t investigate property crimes anymore.”

No wonder Gerlach, after maybe reading the same statement in The Spokesman-Review, may have felt that his tools, truck and living might be gone forever. The real issue is: Why is someone with multiple arrests out of jail? Stronger sentencing putting him in jail for longer sentences may have kept him off the streets, and possibly saved a life.

Steve Hintyesz



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