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Stop the revolving door

Recent events have compelled me to respond as there are a few parallels to my situation. The Gerlach charge is way out of line. He was a property owner attempting to defend his right to retain what was his. Had he not stopped Kaluza-Graham, the very real possibility would’ve existed that, in his getaway, Brendon could’ve mowed down a few schoolchildren or created a high-speed-chase scenario that would’ve ended in more vehicular and/or property damage than what actually occurred.

In my own neighborhood, a thief who took thousands of dollars of our property was caught, only to be released again. Now, my neighbors and I have to, once again, lock up everything at night and investigate every new sound we hear.

It seems to me that the judicial system with its revolving-door policies for repeat offenders is the real problem that needs to be addressed. The Gerlach situation, while extreme, has one benefit: Brendon won’t steal again.

Jeff Nelson



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